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  • Skyline Solar Collectors on Roof; 40 Square Feet - Two configurations
    Skyline Solar Collectors on Roof; 40 Square Feet - Two configurations
  • Skyline 5 System Components
    Skyline 5 System Components
  • Skyline 5 Heat Exchange Tank
    Skyline 5 Heat Exchange Tank
  • Skyline Solar Collectors are easy to install!
    Skyline Solar Collectors are easy to install!
  • Ideal orientation is due south at an angle equal to your location's latitude.
    Ideal orientation is due south at an angle equal to your location's latitude.


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SKU: 021-000SR-S54

Quick Overview

The "Skyline5" system is designed for areas with climates that freeze. These systems are designed to last for 20-30 years.


All "Skyline" systems are Powerful, Durable, & Attractive Systems that are much easier to install than conventional solar thermal systems and are available in different package levels to give you flexibility for a variety of different needs. These systems were designed by a solar water heating installer to have these important features that are not typically found on other systems:

- Light weight design (the Skyline® 10-01 collectors weighs 19 pounds each and measures 6' long x 20" wide by 3" thick). Makes installing collectors easier, much safer, and lower in cost. Also eliminates roof-load concerns.

- Attractive "Skyline" horizontal collector design. This sleek design compliments every homes' ridgeline.

- 26 architectual collector trim colors (specify when ordering). Customizable to your homes' roof or trim color scheme.

- Virtually unbreakable "Polygal" polycarbonate glazing with exclusive 10 year warranty (20-30 year useful life). Safer and lighter than glass. "Kid Proof". No need to worry about breaking glass from rocks, etc.

- SRCC "OG-300" rated. Qualified Open and Closed Loop systems for Federal, State and Utility Rebates and incentives.

100% "Run by the Sun" OG-300 systems. Never be without hot water! No electricity cost!

System is designed for Freeze Climates (RED) - The solar loop is separated from water pressure by a storage tank with an internal heat exchanger. These systems are not subject to freeze damage when properly installed. These systems are also used in areas where bad water quality may plug up or destroy the copper tubing in the collectors.

This system includes an 80 gallon heat exchange tank, and connects to your existing water heater, providing additional heated water storage.

You can expect typical installation of your "Skyline" system will go much smoother because of the completeness of the kit and the light weight of the high performance collectors; Not just different but a truly better value.


On an average, easy to walk on single story roof, the Skyline® can be safely installed by one person who is comfortable with walking on a roof. The assembled collector is 12 feet long, only 20 inches wide and under 40 pounds, making it an ideal size and weight for one person to lean against the roof or gutter, go up the ladder and simply pick up the collector and place on the roof.

Hundreds of handy homeowners have installed Skyline® solar water heaters. With many color pictures and clear directions, the installation manual may be the best in the industry.

There are generally 4 ways to get your system installed:

1) The homeowner installs the entire system by themselves or with a helper by reading the installation manual.

2) If adding a tank, the homeowner has a plumber set the tank which requires some soldering and then the homeowner does the no solder solar loop installation themselves.

3) The homeowner has a plumber set the tank and then a handyman reads the manual and installs the solar loop (often the homeowner helps the handyman).

4) A professional solar contractor installs the system. Professionals usually charge anywhere from $1,800.00 to $3,000.00 to install as they have to cover costs such as workers compensation, labor, insurance and warranty.

Purchaser assumes full responsibility for proper installation and operation, including the observation of local building and plumbing codes. Email and telephone technical support for this product IS provided by Solar Conduit. We can also assist in sizing any project to provide hot water, space heating, radiant floor heating or industrial process heat.

Installation is available from Solar Conduit in the San Antonio metro area and the Texas Hill Country. Please call us for more information.


The Skyline 5 solar hot water system is designed to provide 20-30 years of dependable service with proper maintenance, and the collectors are warranted for 10 years. Made in the USA.

About Solarroofs

Solar Conduit is proud to be a Dealer for Solarroofs products. Solarroofs, the manufacturer of the Skyline series of solar hot water systems, has been manufacturing and selling SHW systems since 1997. Awarded SARTA “Distinguished Achievement in Clean Tech” award on 11/2011. In 2008 was ranked the 9th fastest growing business in Sacramento by the Sacramento Business Journal. As oil prices have begun to skyrocket to record levels, many people are turning to solar as a solution for their energy needs.'s Skyline® collectors and systems are becoming more high profile in the solar industry for their many important advantages.


Your solar system with 10-01 collectors will be shipped by FedEx or UPS. It will be in at least two boxes: one for components and a larger one, about 6' x 22" x 4 to 18" containing one to four 10-01 collectors.

We will call you once you place your order to give you a firm quote on the shipping amount, and to collect payment for any additional amount. Should you choose to cancel your order due to the shipping cost, we can refund your credit card at that time. You may also call us to obtain a shipping quote and place your order.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or if there is no shipping weight noted for a shipping cost quote. The prices online subject to change without notice due to supplier price increases. We will contact you if current price is more than the online price prior to processing the order.